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Hello -

I have a project that I've been working on for a while now & its finally happening where I'm actually following thru with it. I mentioned on FB quite some time ago about putting a book of my recipes together. Over the years, I’ve been asked: “How did you make this?” “Can I get the recipe to that?” etc.. Since cooking is my hobby/passion on the side, someone mentioned I should just put together a cookbook of my recipes. I naturally laughed at first, then thought, “you know what, why not?”

As you well know, I have a farm of children, husband, work & pets which is equivalent to “no time”. I cook in whatever spare time I find, but I’m more of a “How do I simplify this” because again, ‘TIME’ is an issue. I’m a realist. My recipes are geared towards simplicity, taste and time.

Here's my downfall on this, I cook by sight, never measure. So what you’ve been seeing on Facebook with my “test kitchen” postings, is me having to re-cook what I plan to publish so I can get my measurements in order.

I suddenly have some additional time on my hands & figure I may as well see this project thru to the end.

With the advice of my dad & a few of his own family recipes I'm including, he's always said, "always finish what you start." He knew of my fun little project & said it would be a great idea to do it to occupy my free time.. So that's just what I'm gonna do <3

So anyway, from time to time I will be posting pics of what I had to re-cook so that I had my measurements correctly..

The book should be completed in the next few months and ordering info will be posted when we reach that next exciting step!

Toodles & Fried Noodles Peepers <3

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup

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